Leashes that Retract

We are now several years into the 21st century and almost every aspect of our lives has advanced. Change is inevitable since our minds are constantly moving forward. Advancement and invention are the cornerstone of humanity. From the cars we drive to the computers we use, we have made noticeable strides in the last ten years, twenty years . . . fifty years. And we will continue to do so as time goes on. Even some of the simplest of items have advanced too. It probably wouldn't normally cross your mind, but the everyday dog leash has also improved. We are now blessed with the retractable dog leash.

Retractable Dog Leashes

Retractable dog leashes give dogs more freedom when out for walks and runs. They allow the dog a longer lead than the traditional 6 to 8 feet of roaming. This results in less strain on the dog's neck as well as for the dog walker. Both owners and canines can have a more enjoyable experience on their daily walks with the invention of the retractable dog leash. Dogs can have fun exploring more whilst out and about with their masters. It's the perfect choice.

Stores carry a wide variety of colors of retractable leashes. And they are easy to find in local pet shops as well as through pet supply stores online. Pet supply conglomerates like Petco, Pet Supermarket and PetSmart always carry a large stock of retractable dog leashes. With prices ranging on average from $15 to $30, they are a reasonable alternative to the traditional leash. In addition, they come with a lock mechanism so owners can maintain the lead length of their choice rather than allowing their dogs to wander too far. This comes in handy when pedestrians approach or traffic picks up during walks. Removing the slack keeps poochie close to you and away from danger or temptations.

While retractable leashes are not for all dogs or owners, they are a great option for many pets and their families. For training purposes, this is definitely not the proper leash. Leather leashes with leads of 4 or 6 feet are the proper sort needed for field and obedience training. Retractable leashes are made for leisure to enjoy fun quality time with your dog. They are so easy to use, kids can take dogs out for walks too.

The retractable dog leash is strong enough to handle any size dog and the leashes offer a comfortable one-handed braking system to keep your pet at bay. So while Fido has the opportunity to meander about and explore, if a small child were to come along, the owner can simply use the locking mechanism to keep the dog at a safe distance if needed. Catch up to the times and throw away those old nylon leashes. Retractable leashes have a lot to offer both you and your pet. Whether you are looking for style or practicality, your dog will enjoy a more exploratory and fulfilling daily walk with this type of leash. Plus, it's so affordable there's really no reason to not have one.

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