Flexi Retractable Leashes

There are many retractable leash brands on the market, but the Flexistands out from the crowd. They are hand made in Germany and are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. Solid construction, dependable locking mechanism and overall quality earned them life-long fans.

"I first discovered Flexi retractable leashes 30 years ago. At the time I had
an Akita who in his prime weighed 155 lbs.

Over the years I've tried other brands, but the mechanisms quickly fail - they
either lock up or in some cases have lost the brake control making

them not only useless but dangerous as well. We have a 92 pound Bulldog
who's all muscle and built like linebacker, with his low to the ground center
of gravity when he pulls..he really pulls. I'm a relatively big  guy but feel
like a paper kite bouncing around behind him when he takes off on a mission.

What's great about Flexi leashes is they're built like iron and they last forever.

I've had many of them over a period of decades and never once have had
a problem with them. The build quality is beyond excellent, they're tough as
nails, immune to weather and effortless to control - once you get used to operating